موضوع تعبير عن الأم بالإنجليزي قصير

A short subject about mum

Mother is everything in our life; she is the most important person in every one life, she is the symbol of pity, kindness, love, Warmth. She always suffers to relieve her family, and the lovely and greatest person in the life, she is the one who born me. Always she takes care for me and stays .awake all the time to make sure that I am OK; she gets tired all the day for my comfort

The meaning of the mother is the spring of tenderness that does not flow; she protects the children from the breath of air that feels that it may harm them.

Mother is the miracle that Allah gave to humankind, who put Paradise under her feet, mother is the flower of life, she is the candle lighting our life, my mother advises and helps me to give me the good things from her life’s experience to live well.

Moreover, face difficulties and problems of life; she is a model of mercy, a mass of patience, an invaluable greatness, and an indescribable greatness

We must respect and appreciate mother and father, by all means is the most precious thing we have in life, she is priceless

The mother is the educator of the rising generations. she is the whole society, the origin of the existence of men and their upbringing to be men and the other half of them are women who work to provide good for their society, their families and the whole world

Mother is the greatest blessings and most close to the heart, and duty requires the response of the known even a word to always upset her heart

I love you my mother